TMA (The Turnaround Management Association) UK

"Gill Rouse facilitated the TMA (Turnaround Management Association) UK strategy day on May 21st 2008. The strategy day was attended by the TMA (UK) board members, who are leaders of their own companies, (lawyers, accountants, turnaround specialists etc.) and who operate at senior levels in the turnaround industry. Our objective for the day was to define the organisation's mission and strategy and to produce an action plan to enable us to work towards fulfilling our strategy.


Gill used her considerable experience in senior management facilitation to ensure that our meeting objectives were clear, that everyone was able to contribute their views and that the meeting stayed on track. Gill's practical and tenacious approach helped us to produce a new strategic direction for TMA (UK), with ’SMART’ actions, which will enable us to work effectively towards the achievement of our newly defined strategy. Overall, we found Gill to be an excellent facilitator and helped to make a significant contribution to the development of our strategy.


Tyrone Courtman