Resolving Conflict Through MediationResolving Conflict Through Mediation

Is there some sort of conflict in your organisation which is causing real problems? Do you have any managers and employees who just don’t see eye to eye? Are there some teams who always seem to be bickering amongst themselves? Do different parts of your organisation mistrust each other? Are you dealing with grievances about bullying and harassment? Is the lack of co-operation between individuals and/or teams starting to have a damaging effect on the performance of your organisation?

We have an experienced, CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) accredited Mediator who can help with conflicts between individuals or groups of people. She will actively facilitate discussions between the parties in conflict, whilst remaining neutral at all times, therefore helping them to work towards a negotiated agreement in a private and confidential setting. She will also agree upfront with other relevant parties e.g. The HR Manager or other Senior Manager, what process, (if any), needs to be followed to ensure that any agreements are practical and successful.

Mediation is quick to set up and very flexible, with no set procedure, enabling the process to be designed and managed by the Mediator, to suit the parties and the context. Mediation enables the parties to identify solutions which are not possible in more formal processes such as Employment Tribunals, litigation or arbitration, which may benefit all the parties, particularly if there is the possibility of a continuing relationship between them.

The likely mediation procedure will include:

  • preliminary telephone calls with each of the parties prior to the mediation day
  • meetings with each of the parties when they arrive at the venue
  • a joint meeting of all attending the mediation, at which each of the parties will normally be invited to present their view of the situation
  • a mix of further private meetings and joint meetings as proposed by the mediator and agreed by the parties
  • if the dispute is settled, either in whole or part, all agreed matters will be written down and signed by the parties

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss mediation in more detail, or if you have a situation which you think may benefit from using a Mediator.