Building better teamsbuilding better teams

Would you like to achieve higher productivity from your teams? Are there people in your organisation who don't get on with each other? Do you want to improve communications and relationships, both within and between teams in your organisation?

People & Change use tools such as the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Inventory), Facet 5 and the SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory), to improve communications, manage conflicts and build better team relationships, through discovery of individual work styles, motivation and preferences.

Improved self-awareness and a better understanding of others, helps individuals and teams to communicate more effectively and therefore work much better together. This improved understanding and co-operation will ensure that your organisation gets the best out of it's people and teams..

Self-knowledge and knowledge of other team members leads to:

  • Improved ability to understand and relate to others
  • Better team communication and co-operation
  • A leadership style that encourages the sharing of individual talents
  • Commitment to the goals of the team, (rather than just personal goals)

  • Objectives For A Typical 1 day Team Building Workshop

  • Provide an overview of the relevant tools (e.g. MBTI) and an opportunity to complete it if appropriate, (some tools may be completed on-line in advance of the event)
  • Help participants to get a good understanding of their profile and how it differs from others
  • Allow the participants to reflect on how closely their profiles match their own impressions of themselves
  • Show how a balance of types can improve the effectiveness of a team
  • Enhance participants team communication skills by helping them to adjust their style to accommodate others differences
  • Give practical advice to increase self-awareness and improve team relationships

Typical Format

This practical, one-day course is fun, educational and very participative. Delegates will undertake various tasks and exercises that are practical and transferable to the workplace. They will explore and understand their own profile and those of the other people in their business and personal lives.

Please contact us to discuss how we could help you to build better teams.